I'm a huge and completely obsessed fangirl but who isn't these days?
Thanks to tumblr I understood the concept of feminism in its true meaning.
I learned that there are more types of sexuality than I originally thought and the easiest way to murder intolerant assholes.
I learned that I'm not alone with my weird habits,my fears, complexes, taste in music, food, books, movies and tv shows - and that is a fantastic feeling I can assure you.
It's like my fandoms are my second home because we are just one big family of weirdos who eat pizza and cry over fictional characters too much and I'm totally fine with it. No one cares what race you have and where you live if your grades are good or if you always wear make up because you are accepted as a part of the family as soon as you want.
This makes my sound like a total sap but I can't help me to point that out.
By the way you can call me Sophia or your highness whichone you like better.




Deleted Scene from 9x10 - Road Trip

At first I wanted to add comments in tags, but oh well (if you don’t like them, reblog from source!) Ok, so…

GIFS. Like, from 9 onward. Cas is fucking in love, and hurting because of it. And Dean has to suspect it (and, hell, he’s angry that Cas is buddy-buddy with Crowley again, but they’re bonding over you, you numnut). And Crowley fucking knows. I mean, look at his face. Look at it. His face says: Oh… YOU want to be a stupid, stinking, emotional pile of meat so that you can grow old with another stupid, emotional, stinking pile of meat. Seriously, Crowley actually looks sorry for Cas (well, as much as a selfish King of Hell can feel sorry). Fuck, no wonder they cut out that scene. I mean, I’d be screaming destiel for weeks.

This is literally one of the… two episodes that were worth to be seen in S9.